Economics and Business Department

Name: Kenneth
Subjects taught: IB and IGCSE Economics and Business Studies and Management

Kenneth graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Commerce (Hons B.Comm) degree with a Specialist in Accounting, Major in Economics

Kenneth a graduate at the University of Toronto has worked at major accounting firms and multinational foreign banks.  Kenneth graduated from one of the very first few international school to host the IB Diploma in Hong Kong. Having studied the IB Diploma himself, Kenneth is able to understand the need of his students and their common mistakes. Kenneth taught a wide range of students from primary, IGCSE to IB level.

Name: Sue
Subjects taught: IB and IGCSE Economics

Sue graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Education. She obtained a Master degree in Economics in Macquarie University and nearly all subjects with Distinction or High Distinction. She completed Hong Kong A levels with 3As.

Sue is a qualified teacher and has taught in regular schools for 3 years. She has also been tutoring IB Economics and Business & Management for over 5 years. She understands the needs of students and provides high quality teaching to help students to obtain a good grade in examination. She also guides students on internal assessment and extended essay in Economics and Business & Management.

Name: Dan
Subjects taught: IB and IGCSE Economics and Business
Miss Dan has completed her honors degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong. She is qualified teacher with a postgraduate diploma in Education being a registered teacher in EDB. With the day-school teaching and more than 10-year private tutoring experiences, Dan has equipped herself as a professional and responsible teacher. She is capable to cope with the learning disparity among students.

Name: Steffi
Subjects taught: IB and IGCSE Economics and Business (SKYPE LESSONS)
Steffi is a PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education) certified secondary school teacher specialising in Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies and a graduate of the University of New South Wales, Australia, with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Accounting. In addition, she has recently graduated with a masters degree in Early Years Education from the University College London (UCL), United Kingdom. She is therefore specialised in teaching students across a wide age group from toddlers to young adults. She has had many years of teaching and tutoring experience both in Hong Kong and in London. This includes teaching Economics at Band 1 secondary schools in Hong Kong. She enjoys using creative and interactive ways to help students understand complex concepts by maximising engagement with the study materials. A former student of King George V School, she is fully familiar with the international school system of teaching. Miss Wat is currently teaching students in Economics, Business and Management and Mathematics at IGCSE, IB and A-level.

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