Mathematics Department

Name: Ringo
Subjects taught: Psychology, Geography, Theory of Knowledge, Environmental Systems and Societies, Mathematics

Ringo is a qualified teacher with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from The University of Hong Kong. He is also a double degree graduate, with an honors degree in BSc Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, as well as a degree in BA Geography & Earth Sciences. Ringo has had many years of experience teaching a wide variety of age groups, from elementary school to post-secondary level. He was also a course tutor in his senior years in university, where he taught undergraduates level Geography. He is multi-disciplined and is able to teach numerous subjects. He also specialized in guidance on TOK essays and presentations, as well as internal assessments in numerous subjects.

Name: Ponnie
Subjects taught: IB and IGCSE Mathematics (SL)

Ponnie is a graduate of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where she attained her degree Global Business and Operations Management. She graduated with First Class Honors and received HKUST University scholarships and Academic Achievement Medals over the course of her undergraduate degree. Her dedication to her studies has landed her on Dean’s List for five semesters and she hopes to share her knowledge and study experience with her students to help them fully realize their potential in both academic and character. Her passion is teaching mathematics and science and is very experience in teaching students in IGCSE and IB.

Name: Ian
Subjects taught: IB and iGCSE Mathematics (SL and HL)

Ian graduated from The University of Manchester with a BSc in Mathematics and Actuarial Science. Ian is passionate about teaching mathematics and is able to inspire, motivate and impart knowledge that is easily grasped by students. Having a university level and practical real world usage of mathematics, Ian is able to teach students how to apply Mathematics in a real situation that is relatable to each student. Ian is also able to provide strong guidance on internal assessments in IB Higher Level and Standard Level Mathematics to the format of a professional mathematical paper.

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