Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We are a professional team of tutors based in Hong Kong. All of our tutors have experience with IB and have had many years of tutoring students in their respective subjects. As a team, we understand that each student is different, that’s why, we try our very best from the very beginning. We are dedicated to providing the best for each of our students and constructing lessons that are tailored to each of them. Communication is the key for our team, and we hold strong relationships with the parents, students and other tutors to ensure the best quality of education. If you are looking for IB tutor Kowloon Hong Kong , ask us for a free lesson.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading education centre that helps international school students achieve their full potential and excel in both academics and personal life.

The global trend in education emphasizes on all rounded development and life-long learning. At Seven Education, we believe the same. We also highly value personal and academic growth of students thus aiming to help students build a positive self-esteem, and develop strong self-confidence to prepare them for the future.

Our Tutors

Graduates whom studied at traditional international schools in Hong Kong and went through the International Baccalaureate System.

Qualified teachers whom received the Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

Professionals from different sectors such as medical, finance, research and education.


Our Mission

Students: To help students achieve their best academic performance and develop the self-confidence needed to deal with challenges ahead.

Tutors: To provide a platform that attracts the best tutors and allow them to realise their passion in education.

Center: To be a trustworthy partner of the students partners and tutors.

Our Values

Quality Teaching – We offer a team of experienced and dedicated tutors.

Student focused – We provide tuition tailored to students’ individual needs

Communication – We work with our students, parents and tutors based on trust

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